The management of the Bitsane exchange has disappeared along with the clients’ money.

Ireland-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane ceased operations, and its management stole deposits of almost 250 thousand users. Bitsane LP in the past has been listed as one of the Ripple approved trading platforms. In addition, in January 2018, CNBC published an article about Bitsane, which, among other things, said that the exchange is a good option for traders who want to trade XRP before the token is placed on other large sites like Coinbase.

On June 17, the website of the exchange and its accounts in social networks were deleted, and the letters that were sent by users returned because the recipient was not found. In the groups that Bitsane users created in Telegram and Facebook, it is said that on average, traders lost up to $ 5,000. Also, Forbes quotes a person who did not wish to give his username from the United States, who, until the exchange disappeared, kept on it $ 150,000 in XRP and bitcoins.


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