Network Beam will produce the first hardfork

The first hardfork of the anonymous cryptocurrency Beam will be held at block 321321. Supposedly this will happen on August 15, 2019

Users were recommended to update their wallets to version 3.0, since after hardforka older versions will stop working. Miners will also need to use Clear Cathode 3.0 software, which supports the PoW Beam Hash II algorithm.

The Beam stressed that hardfork will pass without user intervention. Binary files Node and Desktop Wallet will be released on July 17, 2019, they will be updated to the new version every 30 days. The company announced the release of mobile wallets for Android and iOS, but did not name the date.

Recall recently BEAM introduced some updates:

Hooray! We treat you like it’s birthday time! In a nutshell, coming releases focus on usability and privacy, namely:

  • Multiple advanced scenarios are supported stylishly without sacrificing the simplicity of the common cases. We value every tap of yours.
  • Do you usually prefer swipe, 3D touch or a “regular” tap? We’ve wrapped all the usage patterns nicely so that you, our valued customers, will productively enjoy the wallet the way you want from the comfort of your chair.
  • We listen and act: numerous features justifiably requested in the April 2019 community survey were implemented (see below).
  • On the privacy side, we’ve introduced privacy mode and ability to remove any piece of information (e.g. transaction data, address or contact along with all its categories) from the wallet, forever. As this info is not stored on the blockchain (but on your device only), you are in full control of every piece of wallet information.
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