The Tor browser launched a crowdfunding campaign with the support of Bitcoin-processing BTCPay Server.

In a sign of solidarity with the developers of open source solutions, the BTCPay Server processing service popular in the Bitcoin community has supported a fundraising campaign for the user-oriented browser Tor, Bitcoin Magazine reports.

As stated on the campaign page, funds raised through the #BitcoinForTor project will be used to support the free labor of people committed to protecting human rights.

Every day we, the participants of the Tor Project, defend the rights of people to ubiquitous and private access to uncensored Internet. Tor has become the most powerful tool in the world for online privacy and freedom, the project description says.

The company has a softcap of $ 10,000 and is designed for 14 days, but in the first day it attracted almost $ 8,000.

Also on the project page states that the funds raised are stored on a customized hardware wallet Ledger Nano S, adorned with the well-known onion, the Tor logo. Donations themselves can be made using a regular on-line transaction, or using the Lightning Network, there is also an alternative onion-link.

BTCPay Server was launched as a project offering an alternative to the BitPay processing service. Its creator, Nicholas Dorier, implemented BitPay fork in 2017, giving users the ability to host processing on their own servers and, thus, fully control their commercial activities.

As a free open source project, we have experienced what challenges support sustainability of such projects are connected with. BTCPay supports people working on personal sovereignty, security and privacy solutions, said Pavlenex, a contributor to BTCPay Server.

The BTCPay Server framework also has a built-in accounting system and sometimes it is very useful for crowdfunding projects, which, for example, showed the case of raising funds for legal expenses for Hodlonaut user in his confrontation with the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright.

Recall also that in the summer of 2018, BTCPay Server offered a solution that allows using full Bitcoin nodes for payment processing.

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