The US regulator suspects that BitMEX Exchange has served US residents

The American CFTC Financial Regulatory Commission (US Commodity Futures Exchange Commission) has launched an investigation into the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the version of the Bloomberg publication, which refers to sources that own information on this issue, the CFTC suspects that the BitMEX exchange has allowed US residents to use their trading platform.

In accordance with current legislation, the United States is one of the countries whose citizens are prohibited from using the BitMEX trading platform registered in the Seychelles. In early March, BitMEX changed the rules for using the resource, officially banning users from the United States, the Canadian province of Quebec and some other countries from trading on the platform.

It is noteworthy that the list of regions whose residents BitMEX limited access to its stock exchange almost completely coincided with the list of countries in respect of which the United States imposed an embargo. Inclusion in the list of banned countries of the United States and Canadian Québec was associated with the intensification of the struggle of government agencies with unlicensed trading platforms.

Early last year, the Quebec financial institution (AMF) demanded that BitMEX cease serving residents of this province due to the lack of necessary authorization. At the end of 2018, BitMEX deactivated trader Tony Weiss’s account because he was suspected of being a US citizen. But users may have tried to bypass the block using VPN or similar services. According to anonymous sources, the investigation into the exchange may be delayed for many months.

The news of the investigation, which has not yet been commented on by BitMEX or the CFTC, has spread to social networks through Bloomberg journalist Tim Kalpan.

The Exchange has recently become a favorite object of criticism by the well-known skeptic of the crypt Nouriel Roubini (aka “Doctor Doom”). The conflict began at a conference in Taipei, where Roubini accused the exchange of manipulations and called cryptocurrency the biggest mistake of our time.

On Wednesday, Roubini published incriminating evidence of abuses on BitMEX – he accused the site of all mortal sins – evading AML and KYC procedures, insider trading, mass money laundering, etc.

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