The work of the decentralized exchange 0x was interrupted due to a detected vulnerability

The developers of protocol 0x were forced to temporarily suspend their decentralized exchange, explaining that the vulnerability was found in version 2.0. According to the representatives of the project, user funds are safe and sound, but they need to migrate to the new version of the platform.

According to chapter 0x, Will Warren, a vulnerability in a smart contract that would allow an attacker to fill certain orders with invalid signatures was discovered by white hackers from the samczsun research company.

As stated, the developers used the AssetProxyOwner contract to close version 2.0 of the platform and all AssetProxy contracts, which allowed them to prevent exploitation of the vulnerability.

“As far as we know, they did not exploit the vulnerability and none of the users lost money,” the report says.

A few hours later, the developers released a patch and new contract addresses.

Will Warren also admitted that developers’ actions after a vulnerability was discovered are likely to cause a new discussion on the security of smart contracts, measures taken, decentralization in general, DAO, and governance issues. These discussions, he believes, will be useful both for 0x and for the wider Ethereum community, since “the number of users is growing and the rates are growing”.

The 0x protocol was created on the Ethereum blockchain and is intended for a p2p exchange of cryptocurrency assets. The underlying ZRX token was previously added to Coinbase, and its capitalization today is about $ 151 million.

We also note that in March, the decentralized exchange Ethfinex Trustless passed on to the second version of protocol 0x.

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