Token aelf depreciate? The project was threatened by the Bitcoin SV community.

The conflict began after the head of a small startup called Craig Wright a fraud.
The Bitcoin SV community promised to bring the cost of the aelf token to zero after the head of blockchain-start-up Ma Haobo called Craig Wright a crook and offered to boycott BSV in China by running the hashtag #BoycottBSVAndCryingFaketoshi. The initiative was supported by the co-founder of the large mining pool Poolin, Zhu Fa, and the co-founder of F2Pool, Mao Shixing.
In response, supporters of Bitcoin SV recalled that their project has a capitalization of $ 3.6 billion, and aelf – $ 105 million. They claim that they will be able to destroy the startup, reducing the cost of its token to zero.

At the moment, aelf is on the 80th place in the list of the largest digital money by capitalization. The conflict had no effect on the rate of the token, which is currently trading at 2 times the ICO price in dollars and 3 times higher than Ethereum.

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