TOP lucky ones who were lucky and they escaped death

“Born in a shirt,” is what they say about people who have incredible luck. It’s as if higher forces save such lucky ones in critical situations where any other person simply would not have survived. Here are some true stories proving that such people really exist.

Robert Evans: survived 2 accidents in 7 hours

An American citizen, Robert Evans, was returning home on a bicycle after a hard day in the late evening when he fell under the wheels of a reckless driver. In this case, the driver of the car fled from the scene of the accident. Fortunately, the doctors at the local hospital where Evans was taken did not find any serious injuries and let him go home. Trying to quickly return to his family, the man went along a shorter path passing through the railway, where he was repeatedly hit by a passing train. There was no limit to the surprise of the hospital staff, where Roberts got again. and this time he got off with light bruises.

Roy Sullivan: 7 Lightning Strikes

For 35 years, Roy Sullivan managed to experience lightning strikes seven times, which is why he got into the World Book of Records. Specialists struggled for a long time over the scientific explanation of this phenomenon and tried to understand why it attracts electric discharges of natural origin. However, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Aaron Rolston: cut off his hand to free himself from the stone blockage

Fifteen years ago, Aeron Rolstov, a lover of extreme sensations, decided to conquer the top of Blue Joe Canyon and found himself in a crevice littered with stones. The climber was there for more than 4 days. The man could not report the accident and his position (the extremal hand was crushed by stones), so he took drastic measures to save: he amputated his hand with a folding knife and went down. How it was possible to undergo such an operation and remain conscious – a mystery to everyone.

Harrison Oakene: spent 3 days on a wreck without an oxygen tank

Five years ago, a ship sank off the coast of Nigeria. Then the whole crew died, except for one person. It turned out to be Harrison Oken, who served as a cook. At the time of the shipwreck, the cook went down into the hold and could not get out of there. For three days he was in the formed air pocket without light and water. When rescuers arrived at the scene of the tragedy to raise the bodies of the dead, their surprise knew no bounds: they found the only survivor.

“My friend’s friend was riding a motorcycle and crashed into a bus at a speed of 110 km / h. This is the helmet that saved him from death. “

“There is a swamp below. Death was very close. “

“Sometimes luck looks like this.”

“That’s why you always have to wear a helmet at a construction site.”

“Sel miraculously passed by the house”

“It was really scary.”

“With this photograph you can safely illustrate the phrase“ dementia and courage ”

Not all of us are “lucky” to protect ourselves from trouble remember, the risk should be justified.

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