Trump took out a secret document from his jacket, waved it and opened his details

Journalist for The Washington Post Jabin Botsford was able to decipher the details of the document, which President Donald Trump described as a secret agreement between the United States and Mexico and showed to journalists from a distance. It is noted that on Tuesday, June 11, the head of state to confirm the fact that a deal was actually made between Washington and Mexico City, details of which were not disclosed, took out a folded paper sheet from his jacket pocket and waved at them to journalists. One of the reporters managed to make high-quality pictures of the paper shown by the president and partially decipher its content.

In particular, it was possible to establish that the talk in the document is about a certain “distribution of burden” relating to refugees. According to the publication, the publication probably means a set of rules “on a safe third country” (on cooperation in granting refugee status to third-country nationals), according to which asylum seekers in the USA from Central America will be in Mexico while their requests are being considered. In addition, the agreement states that Mexico will prepare for the entry into force of the document the necessary changes in legislation. It is planned to spend no more than 45 days.

At the same time, the authors are wondering about the legal validity of the document – the material notes the “low” level of persons whose signature is under the agreement: US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Marica String and Assistant Legal Advisor to the Mexican Foreign Ministry Alejandro Alcantara. On June 8, it was reported that the United States and Mexico reached an agreement on the fight against illegal migrants. In accordance with the treaty, Mexico will send National Guard troops to the US border to curb the flow of illegal migrants from Central America. Also, the country will fight with organizations that are engaged in smuggling and human trafficking.

Thousands of migrants from poor Central American countries traveled through Mexico to the US border in October 2018 to seek asylum from the US authorities. Trump sent thousands of soldiers to the border to stem the influx of illegal immigrants. At the end of March, it became known that a new caravan of migrants had moved in from Central America to the United States. It has 1.2 thousand people.

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