returns payment in bitcoins

The world’s largest platform for direct broadcasting or streaming again added Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment methods, although in March 2019 both assets were removed. Probably, the restoration of crypto payments on Twitch was due to the rapid growth of Bitcoin already to $ 12,500.

Despite the fact that streamers could still receive donations in the cryptocurrency by inserting wallet addresses into the description of their channels, BitPay deletion dealt a big blow to Twitch cryptophanates.

Despite the addition of BitPay, users will have to try to find this option. After clicking the “subscribe” button on the Twitch channel, the user must select the “additional methods” button, select the subscription level, click “continue” and “show more methods” before the BitPay option is displayed.

As soon as BitPay is displayed on the screen, a Bitcoin logo will appear in the second row of payment options, between Starbucks and Visa cards. Community members and Twitch users also associate the return of Bitcoin with Facebook announcing their Libra cryptocurrency. Not too surprised by the characteristics of Libra, they concluded that Bitcoin remains the best method of payment.

It is noteworthy that in the company’s blog there is no mention of the reasons for the resumption of suspended options. This is not the first time that Twitch re-adds Bitcoin as a payment method after removing it from the site. Initially, BTC began to be adopted in 2014, after a partnership with the Xsolla game payment network, which supported this currency. However, when Xsolla removed Bitcoin from its network, the cryptocurrency automatically became unavailable for Twitch users.

Bitcoin payments were resumed in 2016, when Coinbase was added as an authorized payment processor, then switched to BitPay.

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