Two new coins became available for margin trading at Binance.

This Thursday Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange announced the addition of new cryptocurrencies to the margin trading section on its platform.

They are EOS and Chainlink. Now they are available for trading with leverage in EOS / USDT, EOS / BTC, LINK / USDT and LINK / BTC pairs.

In addition, the possibility of borrowing BNB tokens was added, so that users can open short positions on their own stock exchange assets. Previously, the inaccessibility of BNB for short positions was criticized by community members as evidence of the company’s desire to protect its assets from selling pressure.

Officially, Binance provided access to margin trading to all its users last week, after testing the relevant functionality with the participation of a limited number of participants for several months.

By the end of July, the launch of the Binance futures platform should take place in test mode, where users can trade cryptocurrencies with leverage up to x20. Currently, at the main floor, the maximum ratio of borrowed funds available for margin trading is 3: 1.

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