Tyler Winkloss: “Be sure, bitcoin will rise in price to $ 15,000”

The founder of the exchange Gemini explained under what conditions the cost of the first cryptocurrency can increase dramatically

Bitcoin will rise sharply to $ 15,000 if the price of the cryptocurrency breaks through the level of $ 10,000, the founder of the Gemini exchange Tyler Winkloss is sure. Initially, the entrepreneur did not explain his position in any way, the creator of McAfee antivirus John McAfee, who hinted that he could make similar predictions, answered him.

“If Bitcoin overcomes the $ 100,000 mark, you can be sure that its price will rise to $ 1 million,” wrote McAfee.

In the comments, many users began to joke on the topic of unwarranted forecasts, and someone even thanked the head of Gemini, calling him “Captain-obvious.” As a result, the partner of the brokerage agency Themis Trading asked Winklevoss why he was confident in Bitcoin for $ 15,000

“Bitcoin is a cheap asset until it moves gold. At the same time, a breakthrough of the $ 10,000 mark a second time will make many more believe in the “reality” of what is happening, ”Winklevoss explained. At the moment, Bitcoin costs $ 9289. Over the past day, his rate rose by 1.3%. The share of the first cryptocurrency on the market now stands at 57.2% with trading volumes of $ 16 billion.

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