US court finds Craig Wright not credible

Craig Wright’s experiment to reject a long-standing lawsuit against him failed miserably – the district judge declared his arguments unconvincing.

The Florida Southern District Federal Court rejected the self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright to dismiss the lawsuit for the alleged theft of bitcoins by several billion dollars from the late business partner Dave Clayman.

Citing Walter Scott’s couplet “What a complex weave weave when fraud entails us into our quagmire,” Florida District Judge Beth Bloom stated that Wright repeatedly misled the court in “conflicting statements.”

The lawsuit was first filed more than a year ago by the family of Dave Kleiman, a computer scientist who allegedly “helped” Wright invent bitcoin. The lawsuit claims that in early 2013, Wright intended to trick his former partner into 1.1 million bitcoins, which they jointly owned as partners in a mining company called W&K Info Defense Research LLC.

Wright’s defense strategy was to cast doubt on Kleiman’s ownership of W&K, trying to demonstrate additional partners, as well as the alleged agreement between Wright and Kleiman, according to which Kleiman resigned.

But the court did not believe the Australian entrepreneur – primarily because Wright, according to the judge, was unconvincing.

Judge Bloom noted that the defendant made contradictory statements during the trial; in their assessment, the court simply cannot consider them reliable.

🗣 Unfortunately, the trial is replete with cases in which the accused gave inconsistent testimony under oath in this court. When considering evidence, the court may not consider the defendant’s testimony credible.


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