USA France and Germany – leaders in the number of BTC-nodes

A recently released study showed the distribution of bitcoin nodes worldwide.

It details the number of full clients managing the Bitcoin network and dealing with all transactions that have not yet been added to the blockchain and are awaiting verification to ensure network security.

The total number of nodes around the world, according to BitNodes, is about 9465, with the United States of America taking the first place in their concentration.

There are a total of 2,349 nodes in this North American country, followed by Germany and France with 1924 and 604 nodes.

Together, these three countries account for more than 50% of the total number of nodes worldwide.

Then the ranking lists other countries in Europe and Asia, the share of each of which is from 2% to 5%. These include: UK, Netherlands, Russia, China, Singapore and Japan. Canada is also in the top ten.

Together, these countries cover about 25% of the total number of nodes. Accordingly, other countries of the world contain 25% of existing nodes. It is interesting to note that the distribution of nodes is concentrated in industrialized countries with a strong economy.

This is not so surprising, given that the Bitcoin network requires a high-performance infrastructure and a fast Internet connection.

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