Walmart may launch steblecoin

One of the world’s leading retail giants Walmart can develop plans to release its own steylcocoin. Perhaps such an unexpected decision was affected by the initiative of the social networking giant Facebook to launch the cryptocurrency project Libra, whose future is already in big question.

It may have been influenced by the fact that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a report titled “System and Method for Digital Currency via Blockchain,” which reported on the means by which digital currency can be generated. Also in it was a speech about steyblkoinah.

“… the creation of a digital currency unit is possible by linking a digital currency unit to a regular currency, as well as storing information about one digital currency unit in the blockchain …”, the report says.

Obviously, the retailer company realized that launching a stablebcoin requires support from the US dollar, after which it can be available in “individual retail chains or with partners”.

In addition to the availability of digital currency to individual retailers, Walmart digital currency will not imply a commission, and interest is likely to accrue when it is stored on the account.

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