Waves Platform Launches Item Market NFT Marketplace

In recent years, the Waves Platform decentralized blockchain ecosystem has evolved in many directions.

Support for smart contracts has become one of the main innovations; now the company has launched Item Market, a platform for tokenizing and selling game items. Thus, Waves took another step, which makes the platform more convenient for blockchain games.

As the name implies, this is an NFT marketplace where developers and gamers will be able to trade their digital assets.

At the moment, only two games are available in the beta version of the platform: TCG Shadow Era and Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race, a new game from the developer Ether Kingdoms Gamedelta.

“Blockchain destroys the centralized paradigm, taking away the monopoly on data from enterprises. That yours really belongs to you, and anyone can prove it.

This brings the relationship between players and developers to a new stage of development that is consistent with the principles of an open economy, ”said Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov.

Today our team represents the Item Market platform, which will breathe new life into the gaming industry, putting players and developers on the same side! ”

The marketplace is located by the link, you can read the documentation here.

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