What to download on a smartphone to work with cryptocurrency.

Many digital money services have mobile apps. There are a lot of harmful or just useless programs among them, but there are exceptions. Now there are lots of cryptocurrency applications on Google Play and the App Store, some are always better to be on hand, and not to touch others. We have compiled the most important programs that a user working with digital money should have.

Google authenticator
Self-monitoring of your own funds is one of the main rules in the digital money industry. All accounts on exchanges and, if possible, in cryptocurrency wallets should have two-factor authentication. To do this, there is the Google Authenticator application, it works very simply – just scan the QR code in the settings of your personal account, and then enter the six digits that appear on the smartphone screen. Now every time you log into your account on the exchange you will need to go into the application and enter a unique number, it changes every 30 seconds.

The interface in the application from the large information portal Coinmarketcap is very simple, and the functionality is much broader than on the site. Here you can assemble a portfolio of any assets represented on the platform and watch the changes in their value. You can set yourself alerts on certain price levels of digital money, there is a built-in currency converter and a function to compare two assets. Also in the application in a separate tab, you can read the latest news from the English-language cryptocurrency media. In the application, you can really quickly see the course of an asset and follow its schedule for a certain period. And it is more convenient to do this than through a mobile browser.

TradingView is an application with graphs and data not only from the world of cryptocurrencies, but from the whole world of finance. In addition to the course Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., for example, Apple shares or the Dow Jones index are tracked here. The program has all the functions, settings and tools, as well as on the main site TradingView. An idea section is also available, in which experts publish analytics for free on schedules of digital money courses — you can quickly track various opinions that can help you successfully trade a cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency wallets
You need to be extremely careful when downloading a cryptocurrency wallet to your smartphone, it’s best to trust your money to known and trusted services. For example, the Blockchain repository has a convenient mobile application that supports five assets — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and steakblock USD PAX. All these coins can be exchanged with each other directly in the application, but for this commission will be charged. After we took part in the free distribution of XLM and received $ 25, we immediately exchanged them for Bitcoin, it worked easily and rather quickly – the transfer took a few minutes. Specifically, in the case of the Blockchain wallet, it is important that logging in to the mobile application will not work without a computer. When you first log in, the program requires you to read the QR code from your personal account from a computer or laptop, then you need to set a four-digit password for quick entry. Blockchain is not the only cryptocurrency wallet, there are a lot of them. But when choosing it is important to check everything thoroughly and make sure that you use the official version of the proven service.

Mobile applications exchanges
Many large trading platforms, such as Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex and others have their own official mobile applications. You must be extremely attentive and make sure that you are not downloading a fake. Such programs are suitable for trading on the road or in case there is no possibility to work from a laptop / computer. In the world of digital money with very volatile assets, the chance of a bargain or sale can be caught at any time. All sites have different interfaces and functionality, it all depends on what kind of exchange you are used to working on.

What you should not install on your smartphone.
All applications that promise a high income due to mining right on the smartphone are fraudulent. How realistic is it to earn on the extraction of digital money using a mobile device. In short, the risk of being deceived and not getting anything is extremely high, and earning money in a month is hardly a cup of coffee. Also, do not install applications from unverified resources, if the program causes at least some suspicion, it is better to bypass it. A lot of applications with analytics / data, trading, and so on, too, by and large, do not make sense, because it is much more convenient to work from a laptop or computer, and the phone is needed rather for some operational actions, so only the necessary minimum should be installed on it .

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