WhatsApp introduces mobile payments in Indonesia

According to Reuters, the WhatsApp messaging application is discussing with its partners in Indonesia the introduction of mobile payment services across the country.

This is a continuation of the WhatsApp policy on the deployment of payment services, the first such step was the introduction of such payments for users of India. True, the launch in India is still at the decision-making stage by regulators; delays are caused by data storage rules in the country.

It is reported that WhatsApp will act as a platform for local transactions with a digital wallet, which is different from p2p transactions.

Nevertheless, these plans will be a serious incentive for consumers in Indonesia and for the country’s growing e-commerce sector, as they will provide buyers with access to effective digital payments for the purchase of goods and services.

Sources quoted by Reuters predict that the platform model could serve as a template for WhatsApp to expand similar services in other regulated jurisdictions around the world.

Indonesia is one of the five largest world markets of WhatsApp, more than 100 million people out of 260 million people use this application.

Despite a relatively strict licensing regime for digital payment providers, Indonesia’s e-commerce market is valued at $ 100 billion by 2025.

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