A drop in the cost of Bitcoin from $ 13,770 to below $ 10,000 in five days will not prevent its further growth.
BTC is very dependent on market sentiment. When a negative news appears, even if it is “unreliable” or “repeated”, the price of Bitcoin, as a rule, reacts too sharply. This is even more likely if in some article Bitcoin is covered in a negative way. Last week, the market lost hundreds of billions of dollars due to pure speculation and repetition.
Bitcoin is a leader in cryptocurrency space, so it is an accurate indicator of the market situation. Today, Bitcoin exceeded $ 11,300, the same situation was in March, Bitcoin exceeded $ 11,600, and in less than 100 hours it was trading at $ 8,400. This is a drop of almost 30% in four days.
But what rises, it must go down, and after correction, recovery eventually comes.

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