Wirex launches native WXT token

On June 10, the platform for cryptocurrency and digital fiat payments Wirex announced the creation of Wirex Token (WXT), its “first native cryptocurrency”. According to the official statement of the company, the coin “is intended for users to receive unique rewards and save on commission”.

The launch of the token will help the company achieve its ultimate goal “to democratize access to fast and inexpensive international money transfers, as well as provide retail and corporate clients with the opportunity to use cryptocurrency in everyday life. However, Wirex is best known for its debit card, which allows users to use both fiat and digital money

Wirex CEO and co-founder Pavel Matveev added that “the project team is convinced that the emerging token economy will eventually replace the usual fiat currency.

“Wirex Token helps us integrate with the payment environment of the future and offers users a convenient, fast and economical way to transfer digital money between countries”

The token will be sold and distributed through the initial exchange offer (IEO), which will be conducted through the OKEx Jumpstart program. Tokensale will be held on June 26, during which almost 1% of WXT tokens will be offered for sale at a price of $ 0.01 per unit. To participate in the sale, users must purchase at least $ 25 WXT; The maximum purchase amount is limited to $ 100,000. It is curious that the company states that fundraising is not the main purpose of launching a token.

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