You might have missed it: 1 million transactions in Ethereum and delisting Bittrex

Shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust rose 340% in four months, the IMF expects cryptocurrencies to be released soon from central banks, the head of JPMorgan called competitors digital money of banks and other news of the last two days

Over the weekend, Bitcoin rose above $ 12,400 and then began to decline. Now the first cryptocurrency is trading at around $ 11,000. Over the past two days, several events have occurred that can affect both the value of individual coins and the market as a whole. The main ones in our review.

The head of JPMorgan called cryptocurrency competitors banks

Jamie Dimon, head of financial holding JPMorgan, spoke about the prospects for cryptocurrency. He noted that the future of digital money is now under question, largely due to the complexity of regulating this area, but, according to a specialist, now a new kind of assets is competing with banks, and over time, competition will only grow.

“Blockchain is real. And the competition is also real. We will always have competitors, be it a cryptocurrency or another supplier of FINTECH solutions, ”said Daimon.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares outperformed bitcoin, gold and S & P 500

Since February, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares have risen by almost 340%. The first cryptocurrency during this time went up by 220%, oil by 12.8%, S & P 500 by 8.5%, and gold – by 7.7%. The total amount of digital money managed by the fund currently stands at about $ 2.7 billion, in addition to Bitcoin Grayscale holds Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar, Ethereum Classic, XRP and Zcash.

Bittrex started delisting eight altcoins

The Bittrex exchange will stop working with eight low-liquid altcoins. Delisting included Emercoin (EMC), ArtByte (ABY), Diamond (DMD), Musicoin (MUSIC), Qwark (QWARK), Solarcoin (SLR), Whitecoin (XWC) and Zclassic (ZCL). Cryptocurrencies will be unavailable for trading on July 12th.

IMF: central banks will begin to issue their cryptocurrencies

Several central banks are considering the possibility of issuing their own cryptocurrencies, according to a survey by the International Monetary Fund. The Bahamas, China, the East Caribbean Monetary Union, Sweden and Ukraine are close to this, and Uruguay has already launched a pilot program in the field of digital money, the organization said.

The number of daily transactions in the network Ethereum exceeded 1 million for the first time in 2019

On June 28, the number of daily transactions in the Ethereum network exceeded 1 million. The last time it was at the same high level in May 2018. The historical maximum of 1,349,890 transactions was established on January 4, 2018, when the price of cryptocurrency was approximately $ 1,000, now it is at around $ 300.

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