You might have missed it: a ban on Bitcoin ATMs and Binance problems

The first in the history of cryptocurrency ahead of Donald Trump and Tesla by the number of requests to Google, the developers of Ethereum Classic will test the update of Atlantis, the Binance exchange has suspended trading and other recent news without warning.

Since Friday, the total capitalization of cryptocurrency has decreased by 6% – from $ 260 billion to $ 246 billion. Last weekend, several important events occurred that could affect both the value of individual coins and the market as a whole. The main ones are in our traditional review.

Weiss Rating downgraded the EOS rating

The EOS project has serious problems with centralization, therefore the rating agency Weiss Rating downgraded its assessment. Organization experts hope that Cardano will be able to launch a truly decentralized PoS blockchain. It became known earlier that 75% of transactions in applications on the EOS platform are carried out by bots.

Canada plans to ban Bitcoin ATMs

Vancouver police called Bitcoin ATMs as the perfect money laundering tool. The mayor of the Canadian city supported the proposal to introduce a total ban on such devices. The government is currently conducting research to introduce some regulation in this regard, the results should be presented in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Binance without warning suspended trading

On Friday evening, Binance, a large stock exchange, suddenly suspended trading. Subsequently, the company explained that the developers were forced to turn off the system due to a malfunction, user funds remained safe. The update took a little more than two hours, the site became available again on June 8

Online Ethereum Classic will be updated Atlantis

The Atlantis update code will be activated in the Ethereum Classic test network in the near future, the cryptocurrency developers said. Perhaps this will happen on June 19th. At the moment, it is not known how the changes will be made; on June 13 the project team will hold a video conference to discuss this issue.

Bitcoin overtook Donald Trump and Tesla according to Google Trends

The number of search queries with the word “Bitcoin” reached the values ​​of the end of 2017 in May, before the take-off of the cryptocurrency rate, when it set a maximum of $ 20,000. ConsenSys.

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